Art Education Philosophy
Sunday, November 30, 2003
"Here Peace cat!, Here Peace cat!" 3rd Grade student
cat design

Art as a connection
Art is a means of expression and also a way in which we connect to humanity. The pure act of creating a work of art is a process of communication. It is a way to connect with others; reaching outside of ourselves. It is the creator communicating with the observer.
"Here Peace cat!, Here Peace cat!"
Saturday, November 29, 2003
Magic moments that change lives
Our job as art teachers is to provide the minutes of magic that point our
students on the road to artistic creative expression.

Many years ago as a teenager I spent a few hours at the Phila. Art Museum,
baby siting a four-year-old cousin. I remember us walking through the
various galleries finding things in paintings, each new work of art became
an adventure. Years later she told me how much our visit to the museum
meant to her and her present day passion for the arts. It wasn't just the
visit to the museum; it was the intensity of the experience that made the
difference. To be meaningful, an art experience must engage passion,
depth, and commitment.

Once experienced The Creative Experience becomes a connection to something
greater than ourselves. Ask an artist why they make art and most often
they describe an experience that sounds mystical: „ words seemed to pour
from my consciousness; time stands still; I looked up from my work and the
sun was coming up; I felt part of my painting, my minds' eye became
electrified with images. No matter what happens in life, the artist
always comes back to the act of creating art, the need to make art is an addiction.
we must strive to bring to the art experience Passion, depth, and commitment: In depth arts experiences can give birth to a defining moment that brings into being the need to create and to engage in creative adventures.

We as arts teachers can become the cosmic traffic cop that shift students'
lives in the direction of creativity and expression.

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